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I am a self-taught artist.  From an early age, I have delighted in being imaginative.  For me, creativity feels like a force moving through me, and being an artist is all about channeling that energy.  Sometimes the most rewarding acts of creativity come from difficult and restrictive circumstances; where finding my way through feels like an accomplishment.  Other times ideas can come out of nowhere with such force and brilliance that it’s impossible not to try and realize them.  

I find the idea of “the unknown” very compelling; that there are things in our past and future that we cannot fully understand.  This idea lends a sense of mystery to everyday existence and I try to create works that can convey this.  I am inspired by the objects and occurrences of days gone-by, such as early exploration, past scientific inventions, folklore and cabinets-of-curiosity.  I am also influenced by music, books, travel, spending time outdoors and all of the creative, wonderful people in my life.  In the future, I hope to be involved in works of public art, particularly murals.  I also enjoy whimsical forms of expression, such as illustrating children's books.

From small detailed collages, constructed from antique papers, to large-scale murals, I appreciate working in these, and many other mediums.  The ways in which we can interact, revel in, ponder, and be inspired by art seem endless.